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it’s about what we can do for you



MZI Group. Plumbing Division is quickly becoming a leader in the Chicagoland plumbing market. Our core office personnel have over 75 years of combined experience in estimating, design and project management of plumbing systems. Our services include installation of underground systems, sanitary, storm, vent, domestic water. MZI Group has performed plumbing installations for commercial, educational facilities, healthcare, hotel, industrial, direct to building Engineers and direct to owner.

MZI Group maintains all necessary certification and annual industry training / certifications to ensure the systems are installed per the latest codes, industry trends, and done safely.

Commercial and Industrial 

  • New System Installation
  • Design-Build
  • Tenant-Improvement
  • Buildouts / Retrofit Systems

Site Work

  • Excavation Services
  • New Sewer and Water (site utility) installations
  • Underground Repairs
  • Hydro-excavation
  • Manhole Installation/Repair

Service, Maintenance, Small Projects

  • New Fixture Installation
  • Fixture Replacement & Repair
  • Backflow Prevention & Certification
  • Leaking Pipe Detection, Repair or Replacement 
  • Annual Maintenance & Inspections Agreements
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Sewer Video Inspection
  • Sewer Rodding
  • Sewer Jetting
  • Water Heater Repair and Installation
  • Pump Services