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With increasing demand for faster speeds and more reliable cellular technology, telecommunications is being pushed to new limits. MZI Group, Inc has responded to the demand and has added a Telecom division to support the needs of our customers and partner. With more than 100 years of cellular technology and telecommunications experience, MZI is prepared to handle full turnkey service needs.

Construction & Installation Services Include:

  • Antenna/RF Systems
  • DAS Systems
  • Small Cells
  • Radio Systems
  • AC/DC Power Equipment, Batteries, and Grounding
  • Transport Systems
  • PIM/RF Testing
  • T1, Ethernet, and Fiber

We are committed to providing on time product with the utmost focus on safety and quality.



  • Cellular Base Stations
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Transport

Disaster Recovery

  • 24/7 Availability of Tower & Electrical Tradesmen
  • Portable Tower & Shelter Deployment - COW/Colt
  • Generator Refueling
  • Temporary Electrical Routing
  • Logistics Support - Generator Deployment, Trailers, Box Trucks, & Semis


  • Advanced PIM Troubleshooting
  • Tower Plumb and Tensioning
  • Lighting
  • Diversity Alarm Clearing
  • Anchor Inspections
  • Painting
  • Microwave Repairs
  • Transmission Line Troubleshooting
  • Tiger Teams
  • Guy Wire Replacement
  • Full RF System Troubleshooting