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As the director of Safety, Josh Freed has over 20 years of experience in occupational safety and health. He began his career as the Safety Director for a company specializing in the construction and maintenance of electrical, telecommunications and oil and gas pipeline infrastructure. Josh worked as a construction and manufacturing consultant on a corporate safety program and led a team of safety inspectors to a successful completion of a five-year, multi-state, crude oil and refined products pipeline infrastructure project. Immediately, before hiring on with MZI, Josh was employed as a Safety Coordinator under the direction of the Army Corps of Engineers over electrical, telecommunications, plumbing and mechanical contractors on a national disaster project.

Josh graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety & Health, with a focus on safety engineering. He is also a Safety Academy graduate from Clemson Universities College of Architecture Arts and Humanities. Josh actively advocates for continuing education in industry leading research and standards. He is a devoted husband and dad to two young sons. “I couldn’t be happier to be working in my hometown and for a company dedicated to the well-being of our employees and the community we serve.”