Our People

Hear from Our Employees

Discover the MZI Group experience through the voices of our employees. From engineers to project managers, our team shares their personal journeys, highlighting the supportive environment, opportunities for growth, and the rewarding challenges they encounter. These testimonials offer a glimpse into the heart of our company culture, where every member plays a crucial role in driving innovation and excellence.

Clarissa Colletti, Controller

I joined MZI four years ago as the office administrator in our Telecom division. Since then, I have been able to learn different aspects of the business and I am currently working as the Accounting Manager & Controller, overseeing the financials for all the divisions. I never expected to be in the construction industry, but MZI is an amazing company with many opportunities. It has been an incredible experience to grow within the industry and work with people truly invested in my growth. Everyone here is extremely knowledgeable and has taught me so much, they have all helped really supported my advancement. I’m really looking forward to being a part of MZI’s growth as a company and to be a part of the changes in the industry.

Josh Freed, Director of Safety

I love working with my MZI team and having an opportunity to contribute. We all work together to keep MZI safe and strong, and I’m very thankful for this. 

Alwin Alagic, Project Manager

MZI has been a great experience, I have access to an array of different projects and clients due to the comprehensive services we provide. I do appreciate the trust given to myself and the team to run our projects successfully. This as well as the opportunity to represent MZI to our current and future clients has given me room to grow with MZI.